Patrik Tanner

International recording artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, music director...

Born and raised in Sweden (itself a stronghold of pop perfectionism), Patrik grew up with a unique, outside-looking-in perspective on the expanses of American songwriting, and immersed himself in it early on. By fourteen, he’d already released bona-fide punk records with iconic Swedish punk band Massmedia. Further records with HUVUDTVÄTT (Headcleaners) on both Scandinavian and U.K. labels followed in the next few years. 

At 20, Tanner moved to the U.S., and, soon thereafter, released two solo albums while living in Los Angeles. Upon relocating to Minneapolis in ’94, he began his production career and has produced over 100 albums for local and national acts with major label record contracts including Maverick Records artists Justincase and Jessica Harp (The Wreckers). Patrik has also enjoyed long term collaborative stints as lead guitarist with Rykodisc artist Martin Zellar (Gear Daddies) and Sire recording artists Tina & The B-Side Movement. 

Along with his production and lead guitar career, Patrik has also released ten albums under his own name. The newest release, Becoming the Sea, was released in 2022.


Patrik is a gear enthusiast and is very loyal to his preferred brands. He has a long history of playing Gretsch guitars and Fender amps live and in the studio. Some of Patrik's go-to Gretsch guitars for live shows are his 2006 White Falcon, 2005 Country Classic, 2004 champagne Sparkle Jet, 2003 Duo-Jet in black, and 2015 Rancher Falcon. He exclusively plays though Fender '68 reissue Vibrolux Reverb amps.

Patrik is honored to be officially endorsing Ernie Ball Strings. He plays nickle wound regular Slinky's on his electric guitars and Earthwood mediums on his acoustic guitars. Patrik also endorses Sharkfin Picks which he has been playing for 35 years and Jeri Hart Custom Guitar Straps.



Patrik Tanner Press Clippings:

“After years of lending both his guitar and production talents to the records of several other prominent bands, Tanner finally draws media salutes on his own. This is how it’s supposed to be done folks.” Pulse, Twin Cities

"Throughout, he proves himself to be a masterful guitarist, altering acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars with mandolin in a restrained manner that keeps his focus on making good music.” City Pages, Minneapolis

“Tanner combines clever yet simple lyrics with grinding guitars, a catchy beat and a little bit of twang.” Pulse, Twin Cities

“Simple, hook-oriented pop with catchy riffs and humble stage presence” ASCAP Live, Bam Magazine



GB Leighton 12/2014 - 9/2021 
Sound of Simon 2008 - 2015 
Mish Mash 2009 -  2015 
Tina Schlieske 2005 - 2015 
Ali Gray 2005 - 2015 
Paperback Boys (Sweden) 2004 
Patrik Tanner & the Faraway Men 1996 - Current 
Neil! 1997 - 2006 
Martin Zellar & the Hardways 1998 - 2000 
The Billy's 1997 - 1998 
Tina & the B-Side Movement 1994 - 1996 
Patrik Tanner Solo 1988 - Current 
Love Like Blood 1986 - 1988 
Tina & the B-Sides 1985 - 1986 
Johnson & Tanner (Sweden/US) 1984 - 1986 
Posh Growls (Sweden) 1982 - 1983 
HUVUDTVÄTT (Headcleaners) (Sweden)1981 - 1983 
Picnic Boys (Sweden) 1980 - 1982 
Massmedia (Sweden) 1979 - 1980


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