International recording artist, music producer, music director, multi-instrumentalist...

Born and raised in Sweden (itself a stronghold of pop perfectionism), Patrik grew up with a unique, outside-looking-in perspective on the expanses of American songwriting, and immersed himself in it early on. By fourteen, he’d already released bona-fide punk records with iconic Swedish punk band Massmedia. Further records with HUVUDTVÄTT (Headcleaners) on both Scandinavian and U.K. labels followed in the next few years. 

At 20, Tanner moved to the U.S., and, soon thereafter, released two solo albums while living in Los Angeles. Upon relocating to Minneapolis in ’94, he began his production career and has produced over 100 albums for local and national acts with major label record contracts including Maverick Records artists Justincase and Jessica Harp (The Wreckers). Patrik has also enjoyed long term collaborative stints as lead guitarist with Rykodisc artist Martin Zellar (Gear Daddies) and Sire recording artists Tina & The B-Side Movement. 

Along with his production and lead guitar career, Patrik has also released ten albums under his own name. The newest full album release, Becoming the Sea, was released in 2022 and Sunny Side Up! (EP) was released May, 2023.

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