Jeri Hart Guitar Straps - Straps that Rock

Patrik's custom guitar straps by Jeri Hart Designs turns heads at every show he plays. We are excited to announce an official endorsement with this fantastic custom guitar strap boutique!

Jeri Hart has personally designed the straps that Patrik wears nightly on stage. Her straps are hand-crafted with top of the line select leathers, genuine gemstones, and unique oxidized hardware and they are incredibly sexy! Patrik received his first guitar strap, "Pingvin", over 10 years ago and it can usually be found on his Gretsch champagne Sparkle Jet when playing live. Five years ago he received the "Elliott" strap named after his son. The Elliott is a perfect match for his Gretsch White Falcon. Patrik's latest strap from Jeri is a simple yet classic wide black leather strap. The quality and craftsmanship of Jeri Hart Designs straps is unmatched. Pure luxury!


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