Goodbye 2016!

What a year. The passing of David Bowie felt like a death in the family. He was like a cool uncle that you saw maybe once a year, but each time, he left you feeling that it was ok to be different. That being different was cool. I owe him so much. 

And then there was Prince...

Just this month, I lost one of my own: Thomas Johansson played bass in Picnic Boys; the first band I fronted. There were others as well. Too many. 

I've played with GB Leighton for two years now. Over time, the meaning of the songs have really sunk in. Hope, loss, redemption, love, lust...forgiveness. What it means to be a person. If I had a shitty day with a gig to play that night, many of these songs would lift me up, the same way they would lift up the people in the crowd. A gift. Thanks, Brian. 

None of my rocking & rolling, recording and producing would happen without the support of my family. If you've been to a GB show,  you've probably met my wife, Michelle! She's been making it all happen for almost 19 years now.

Chances are you met my son, Elliott too! I know how lucky I am. I take none of it for granted. My family means everything to me. At the end of every day I thank God that I've been trusted to be a husband and a father. 

Thank you, Sharkfin for sending me to the only picks I'll ever use: The original Sharkfin! So much of my tone comes from this; the most versatile pick ever made. Ernie Ball keeps me in strings and accessories. I just added their new Expression Delay to my pedalboard. A total game changer for a guy like me who uses some kind of echo on most everything. 

You don't get up on stage unless you are at least a little bit vain, and I'm no different! Jeri Hart makes my beautiful guitar straps. If you can dream it, she can make it. 

I wish you all the best for 2017. 

Love wins. Every time. 


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